About HelenMarie Wilson Personal Trainer in Cardiff

I do personal training, but it goes deeper than that.

Helen Marie Wilson - personal trainer in CardiffI’m not here to sell you a quick fix to health and fitness, I am here to provide momentum on your journey to reach your potential. I do this through structuring progressive training programmes that will push and develop you as an individual and improve your health and lifestyle. I can help you connect the dots with effective, consistent training, offering motivational support and nutritional advice to really make a difference.

As my client / your mentor, I am on your side. In my role as your personal trainer, I assess posture, lifestyle and nutrition, creating workouts focused on you and your goals.  My background in dance, Pilates, biomechanics and of course personal training enables me to keep your training fresh and dynamic.


In addition to traditional personal trainer services I also offer:

  • Pilates
  • Postural analysis and corrective exercise
  • Biomechanic assessments

  • Muscle building
  • Routines to aid recovery and relaxation
  • Fitness / Pilates workshops

  • Courses
  • Corporate programmes
  • Talks / health sessions

I offer clients a free taster session where we can look at your needs and goals, and take you through a session so you can see what I offer. Find out more about becoming a client.