This week a client of mine smashed a massive goal and worked really hard to get there! I congratulated her but forgot to remind her to celebrate her success – hence this blog!!!

It is great to have goals, working tenaciously to achieve them is extremely rewarding and achieving them gives a  sense of euphoria, but how many of us acknowledge our efforts before we move on to the next goal?! We are the only ones who know all the steps we have taken to get to where we are!

A while ago I was on a clowning course in Berlin, at the end of my performance (which included making the sound of a horny elephant!) I had to smile and say ‘’Bravo Helen’’ and look very pleased with my performance. I have since employed this self-congratulating in everyday life!

A goal doesn’t have to be complete for us to acknowledge everything we are doing – Take a moment and say ‘’ Well done me! So far I have achieved …..!’’

This may feel silly but it wouldn’t if you said it to a friend, go on do it!!!

If you feel you haven’t achieved anything recently then think about the person you have been –  if you have been good to people, given support to someone in need , smiled at a stranger in the street – acknowledge yourself for having a positive effect on others lives.

Ok I hear you cry – this blogged is called Celebrate Success where is the part I get to eat cake!!?

Yes –some achievements need a bigger marker than well done – decide on a way to celebrate and enjoy!  My mini celebrations are tea and carrot cake at Waterloo Tea Gardens in Cardiff – by myself of course, so the cake has my undivided love and attention.

It is up to us to acknowledge our own awesomeness so let’s celebrate our own successes as we would our best friends!


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