Dropping the carbs* and the portion sizes in the last few weeks have dropped the weight down and dropped 2 inches off the waist in 4 weeks for one of my Cardiff personal training clients clients.

After calorie counting for about a year with only limited weight loss and reaching a really annoying 15st plateau, it was great to take on HelenMarie’s suggestions and see results relatively quickly … it has really opened my eyes to the actual composition of calories (and carbs) rather than looking at a calories alone! I actually started looking at how much rice I was having compared to how much ‘i thought’ i was having. I reduced carb intake from around 250g per day to around 160g per day.

This small suggestion has really helped this client shift the weight loss to another gear. This is a great way to lose weight especially if you have hit a weight plateau.

Looking at nutrition is essential to weight loss and especially when combined with strength training!

*Please seek professional advice before making any drastic changes to your diet.

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