Tips for getting out of a rut and back in to fitness.

HelenMarie on a gym ball

Accept where you are right now

I once heard  Marianne Williamson say (I paraphrase!) –  It is not the ‘look what I have done!’ that upsets us most, it is the ‘look what I have done again!’  In certain areas of life we learn quickly – others we learn slowly! Put the internal club down, accept you have slipped up and decide to learn and grow from this situation. There is a gift in everything if you are willing to see it!

WHY Goals

Attach emotions to your goals!  Emotion drives us, goals on a piece of paper don’t. Write down what the costs to your life are if you don’t achieve (or at least try to) this goal. Write down the positive effects on your life and the lives of others if you do achieve it.  This is your WHY! Why do you really want to achieve this goal!!? Your WHY is what will keep you moving forward, not the goal itself.

Put You First

You cannot truly give to others if you are running on half empty –full your tank first! Have you been prioritising other people before yourself? Do you have workout times scheduled or fit them in around everything else? Let the people you love know that you are doing something important for you and you need them to respect your time doing this. If you don’t respect your vision for you then others won’t either.

Positive aspects

Make a list of some things that have helped you in the past– or at least a list of things that make you feel strong and happy.  Start doing a few of these things in your week or everyday!

Walk before you run

Going for a walk in nature is better than nothing – in fact this can be really energising! If you want a super toned body or to hold a plank longer than a Chinese policeman a walk won’t cut it – but it is a start! Starting somewhere will get you somewhere, not starting will get you nowhere!

Role Model

Look at who is doing what you want to do and copy what they do – ask them questions about their habits, daily rituals and see how they work for you. If you don’t know anyone personally then research the internet and find a public figure that you can model your behavior and habits on!

Get up Early!

Get up and do something -lying in everyday will not serve your life.  Of course a lie is perfect in if you need to catch on rest after an active week but when it becomes a habit then set your alarm clock and avoid pressing snooze.

Ask for Help

Obvious I know  – but how many of us struggle with areas of life secretly!? It takes courage to ask for help – accept you are in a rut and have compassion towards yourself to get help.  If you feel you cannot ask friends, pay someone to help you. I have done this and still do this in various areas of my life! If you want to change – get a Personal trainer or health coach to help you to get back on track. Can’t afford one by yourself — ask friends if they want to go along and split the cost.

I hope these tips help – Let me know how you get on and good luck!

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