Four point kneeling spine stability exercise

This spine stability exercise helps create pelvic and spinal control.

Movement needs to be slow in order to gauge what you find easy and what you find difficult. This is perfect for people with a weak core or who suffer from back pain.


Follow my direction in the video. Make note of how I use slow and controlled movements. Try this routine 3 times resting for a few minutes in between.


  • increased muscle strength and control,
  • stabilisation of the spine,
  • better body control,
  • less low back pain.
  • development and increased tone of the abdominals,
  • lower back and hip extensors.

Produced by Corbin Chiropractic in Cardiff (currently accepting new chiropractic clients).
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Disclaimer: This video is intended for the clients of Corbin Chiropractic. Should a non-client of Corbin Chiropractic acquire this listed video we claim no responsibility of any injury or damage caused to one’s self. 

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