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How about waking up this week and before breakfast or coffee/tea having a hot water with Lemon?

The health benefits of this new routine can include:

  • improved hydration
  • better liver support
  • can aid weight loss
  • vitamin c

weight loss blueCarry this on all week and then next Monday add another small habit .. by the end of the year you will have a lot of health habits in place!

The aim of this is to enjoy drip feeding new habits in to place – rather than adding massive health habits that we simply can’t stick to and feeling a sense of failure! … Of course none of us have ever done that!! ;))

About HM’s healthy habits

The Start of the week is a great time to start a new habit! Choose a new habit each week that you can stick to and aim to do it for 30 days! So maybe start small and remember its the journey not the destination. All the small changes you mak along the way really do add up.

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